Cannibal cookbook

Human meat recipes from around the world

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"What does human flesh taste like?" The author, who has been jailed in the 1990s for crimes including cannibalism and blood drinking, has been asked this question many times. This book unveils the recipes that he has gathered from fellow incarcerated cannibals whom he used to correspond with. It is a world tour of gastronomical human meat recipes, including Russia (Andrei Chikatilo's steak tartare), China (Zee-Aui Sae-Ueng's bowels and tongue ) and the United States (Otis Toole's barbecue sauce). This cookbook will help you choose the right spices for your own cannibal feast. It is made to bring your friends (and foes) home for dinner by exploring the most taboo form of cuisine in the world. Precious advice is given on how to get ahold of that very special meat, and how to cut it like a pro. The Cannibal Cookbook is vegan friendly: no animals are hurt when you eat what Papuan people call "the long pig". Fully illustrated and featuring starters, soups, salads, main courses and desserts, this book is truly one of the most unique cookbooks ever released.

Auteur Nicolas Castelaux
Date de parution 13 juin 2019
Prix 22 €
Nombre de pages 102
ISBN 9782378481315
Code CB112
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